I'm all over it

Jamie es Wesandersoniano, eso es una maravilla; más puntos para él. Quiero su disco nuevo. Ahorita. ♥
Talking recently about the concept of the video Jamie explains:
“I'm a huge fan of Wes Anderson films particularly the little short he made, Hotel Chevallier, which was before Darjeeling Limited. I love all of his films. I thought this odd, happy little weird song would benefit from a quirky video shot like Wes Anderson, and framed like Wes Anderson with a colourful cast of characters. We hired a team of very odd looking extras and there's lots of stuffed animals – a stuffed crocodile and a stuffed squirrel.”
Jamie himself developed the video's odd narrative which finds him as a bell boy in a strange hotel:
“I'm trapped in this kind of party where no-one's moving. When it comes to the chorus everyone starts to move. And there's this couple who are just in their underwear, trying to find their clothes and each other. They're trapped in this kind of Stanley Kubrick meets Wes Anderson nightmare in Cliveden House. The whole video makes the every day seem stranger than it already is.”
The video was produced by Pulse - the team who also worked on ‘The Pursuit's’ artwork and the music video for ‘Gran Torino’.


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