Aunque suene raro no podría explicar porqué me gusta tanto leer a Auden, sólo sé que gozo leerlo y leerlo y leerlo, tampoco sé porqué me da por leerlo en otoño, y a pesar de que este otoño parece más invierno, no lo muevo de mi cabecera...
Really, must you,
Dense companion,
Be there always?
The bond between us
Is chimerical surely:
Yet I cannot break it.
Must I, born for
Sacred play,
Turn base mechanic
So you many worship
Your secular bread,
With mo thought
Of the value of time?
Thus far I have known your
Character only
From its pleasanter side,
But you know I know
A day will come
When you grow savage
And hurt me badly.
Totally stupid?
Would that you were:
But, no, you plague me
With tastes I was fool enough
Once to believe in.
Bah!, blockhead:
I know where you learned them.
Can I trust you even
On creaturely fact?
I suspect strongly
You hold some dogma
Of positive truth,
And feed me fictions:
I shall never prove it.
Oh, I know how you came by
A sinner’s cranium,
How between two glaciers
The master-chronometer
Of an innocent primate
Altered its tempi:
That explains nothing.
Who tinkered and why?
Why an I certain,
Whatever your faults are,
The fault is mine,
Why is loneliness not
A chemical discomfort,
Nor Being a smell?
September 1960


Sonic Reducer dijo…
No sabía que Auden te gusta. También comparto el gusto, G. A propósito, hallé este maravilloso:

Un abrazo.
G Velázquez dijo…
...ya habíamos hablado de Auden alguna vez después de alguna comida, tú me contaste cómo lo habías conocido, si no mal recuerdo fue por un programa de radio o algo así, jeje, yo comencé a citar los primeros versos del primer poema que conocí de Auden... ¡gracias por el link! está increíble


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